Why getting Smart is getting Strong

Some thoughts on how the process of learning helps build strength, both mentally and physically.

You read a book and your learn something new:

The more you learn, the more likely you are to come across some information/ideas that conflict with and challenge what you believe or the view of the world you have already built (that is pretty much what learning actually is, I guess). Challenging your beliefs with the new information you’ve come across leads towards you refining, developing and restructuring them.

You challenge your old views of the world:

As you put your beliefs through more and more challenges, you will be left with the ones that have stood up to each challenge and adapted (maybe even scrapped) the ones that fall short. As your remaining beliefs adapt and refine they become a much more accurate map of your reality – life becomes more clear. From this you can start to understand what you really want and what things really mean to you. You will know yourself better and better.

You now start acting with much more conviction:

The more you get to know yourself, the greater the amount of conviction you will have in what you think, say and do.

Our beliefs and our ideas are the driving forces in our lives, we will do things that we don’t actually want to do (very regularly sometimes) due to our beliefs and our ideas of the world e.g. we believe it is good to be strong so, we will commit to going to the gym once or twice a week even if it something that we don’t really enjoy doing (depending on how much conviction you have behind believing that being strong is good of course).


After; seeking out and learning new information you can challenge the structures we’ve built in our minds about how the world works. Refining our beliefs and ideas based on these challenges will grow our conviction leading towards a more definite and forceful existence in the world and a more coherent path for us to be on.

What ever direction your life takes, as long as you are engaging in this continual growth process, you’ll be better prepared for the world, you’ll be able to stand firmer and push back harder (if necessary).

Henceforth; the more I learn, the stronger I become.


Master Luke Robinson

How to Apply Martial Arts Moves

applying turning kick

Martial artists are, obviously, more likely to be able to defend themselves in a conflict. But, what is the difference between somebody who is good at martial arts and somebody who can defend themselves?

To be able to defend yourself you have to be able apply what you have learned in your martial arts training. It is as simple as that. If you can’t use it (the martial arts techniques) then you’re gana lose it (the fight).

Martial arts teaches formalised techniques which are trained using strict methods. This is a tried and tested way to instill the skills needed to be a good fighter.

Strict tIMG_8987echnique is a great thing but adapting and changing certain techniques is something that has to be worked on in order to be able to use any martial arts techniques in a ‘real world’ situation e.g. you may end up closer/further than expect, in a narrow space, more than one opponent, with a larger/smaller opponent than expected, etc.

All different situations can be catered for by changing little things in a technique such as; twisting hips more/less, reaching out further, using different parts of the body to connect, body weight placement, etc.

At the bottom of this post there is a video displaying some of the many different ways a turning kick can be applied in a fighting situation. (Scroll down to watch it.)

On the 25th of February i am putting on a seminar (in London) for any and all people to learn how to adapt and apply taekwondo techniques in order to use them effectively in different situations – which is neccessary for anybody to ‘find their way’ in the martial arts.


Master Luke Robinson

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People Always Fail – Easy Way To Win

This question could be considered a little bit negative as it’s focussing on failing and people not reaching what they set out to – if that makes something negative then, yeah i guess this article is, but i am just writing down (briefly) what i have seen over my 23 years in taekwondo (16 of which as an instructor and 11 as an owner of my own academy).have faith

Everybody has goals and everybody believes it is a good thing to have goals. Personally ‘having goals’ and ‘saying your goals’ and ‘working towards your goals’ just sounds like ‘blah blah blah’ to me – it doesn’t interest me in the slightest. 99% of goals that are set aren’t actually meant and 99% of the ones that are meaningful don’t get achieved… …but i think this is fine, i don’t see why we have all become so intent on achieving goals being a good thing. Maybe good things will come from a goal that was reached, maybe a bad thing will come from it or maybe good and bad things come no matter what. Life seems to have  a tendency to give out what it wants when it wants to.

“Do you have to reach your goals? Isn’t it all just about how you roll with the punches?”

But whether or not goals (and achieving them) is important isn’t what i’m meant to be writing about; it’s why a massive majority of them never get reached (only from my experience and my opinion).

The answer is quite simple from what i’ve seen, all the confusing and difficult stuff has been done in determining what the goal is: find out who you are, what you want, when, how much of it, and often even how to get it. The only thing left to do is to do it – take it out of your mind and materialise it. Much like if you picked up a pen and drew what every crazy stuff was in your head – first of all it was only in your mind, then after you acted it ended up in real life (and the more you do it, the more accurate your drawings will become).

The same principle applies to anything, just get over the whole you can’t do this mentality and just stick to what you said. That’s literally where people go wrong – they stop doing what they said they’d do… e.g. “I want to get lean and strong, so i will lift weights everyday”  – that will work, definitely. There are ways which will be quicker or more efficient, but it will work… if it is done. Simple.

It sounds simple and it really is, people fail to reach their goals because they stop doing what they said they’d do. If you want to be that person who does actually hit goals then don’t stop. It doesn’t have to be considered quite like a “Do it or die trying” attitude, but just persevere – soon enough you’ll realise the work is the reward anyway (but that’s another topic all together).

Something i advise (to anyone who asks, of course, i wouldn’t want my opinion sticking it’s nose in anywhere that’s unwanted) is to steer clear of wishing or visualising or hoping or writing special lists of things that you want/aim for etc. These things are fine to do, so long as they don’t steal time and energy from you “doing what you said you’d do”. If ‘writing a special dream list’ (or whatever other similar kind of list) seems like the easiest way, or the surest, or the most magical to you then you have it slightly twisted; doing what you said you’d do is, plain and simple.

But be honest with yourself if your goal is based on a lazy mind (e.g. more leisure time/an easier life) then the mind that created that goal is the one that will try to (and fail to) reach it. If your method to reach your goal is a lazy one (e.g. write a list, say a word 10 times a day and wish really hard) then the  mind that created that method is the one that will try to (and fail to) reach your goal.

So to sum up:

Why do people fail?

Because they don’t do what they said they’d do.

How does someone avoid this common failure?

Do what you said you’d do.

Any additional advice?

Don’t approach anything with a lazy mind (and be honest with yo

urself as to whether you are being lazy or not). And, of course, take up martial arts!




Good luck with those goals!




Master Luke Robinson




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Martial Arts Shows You; The Real You


One thing that martial arts training does (and is well known for doing) is helping people to take a step beyond what/who they think they are – beyond limitations, our own shackles and the shackles of society.

One of the biggest of my own personal shackles that I, of course, didn’t see but have since come to realise I broke free from is the idea that i am my opinions, or at least im built up of them.

As i realised “my opinion doesn’t matter” i felt really liberated.

We all believe and support different ideas.  It is common (if not universal) to consider ourselves to be the sum of  these beliefs e.g. i am capitalist, i am liberal, i am strong, i am an introvert, i am clever, i like dogs, etc. – i mean, how many times have you heard, as a response to the question: “Who are you?”, the answer “I am Bob, i am 17 years old, i grew up in London, i am studying maths and i like the colour blue” (or something along those lines).

What i found through my training in the martial arts is that “I” am not any of those things and i, now, don’t believe that they even effect who i am. If i was born in another place; i would be me… in a different place. If i wasn’t a martial artist; i would be me… who doesn’t do martial arts. You get the idea.

As for what i am;

I am the thing that is above these ideas and beliefs, i am what decided to choose (or un-choose) to believe these thoughts. The decision maker of my life.

As a young martial artist you learn to defer to the IMG_6224ideas and instructions of your master at the same time as putting your trust in their opinions about what is good for you – their say out rules your say. Also, putting on the (usually) white uniform is a physical symbol of you breaking yourself down, leaving your ego and all the things that apparently make you you behind – becoming a blank slate. Then, and only then, you can really start to be with ‘yourself’, the real ‘you’.

“A child who trains in real martial arts will be able to take a step back from society’s expectations and, therefore, self actualise.”

We all know that we are not our beliefs and opinions (otherwise how could we ‘have’ them, much like having a car) – it is great to have them and to use them to help shape the world around  us. We are definitely more than these things; we are the thing that decides to think these things, we are actually free of them and we are completely in control of it all.

Martial arts helps you understand yourself, it helps you realise you are a spark of pure energy and that you have complete control of everything in your life, you are the decision maker and the creator of your own reality.

“Understand that your opinions belong to you, they are your tools – use them to help make a positive difference and to have fun, but make sure you d

on’t end up believing that you are them.”


Be yourself by letting go of what you think you are. What would you say if someone said “Who are you?”



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Too Much Fun to Stop

There does seem to be a typical way of doing things (things basically meaning ‘life’). This way always includes a start and a finish (of course it does, now that i’ve read back through that sentence it seems so normal…)

Education: start at around the age of 4 and finish at 18. Work: start at around 18 years old and finish at like 60 something. Hobbies: start whenever and stop sometime after.

I have thought about it and i don’t think i can just stop like that. That’s not to say that i think stopping is bad – i think  when you stop something it leads to new opportunities, new things to do, to try, and to learn. And, of course, if you aren’t enjoying something; stopping it is a good thing.

Maybe it is a sign that i do what i love doing, maybe it is a sign that i don’t like change, or maybe it is a fact that just stands alone, no reasons needed. (I’m sure it’s because i am loving my life.)

“Things are too much fun to just stop”img_7187

Whatever the reason, i can’t percieve a time where i am not teaching, training, travelling, writing, designing, creating, learning, filming, buying, selling, working, or taking on something new.

Getting involved (properly stuck in) with something that takes your fancy, with no expectations or obligations, really makes life exciting and fulfilling. master-luke-robinson-and-toby-13It’s something that i would recommend (if i thought my opinions and recommendadtions needed to be broadcast, which i really don’t – i say while broadcasting my opinions and recommendations) – pick something that you think is pretty cool, and get going at it. Don’t expect to be amazing at it, don’t expect money from it, don’t do it because you think you should, don’t do it to impress people; just quietly fill some of your time everyday giving it a go. (I, obviously, recommend martial arts!)

So here’s to the future… and the present… and the past! (And alternate realities and dimensions where there is no time…)

So, i’ll keep looking at: what i can get done, the different paths to take, how i can change, and all the new fantastic opportunities. (I hope to see you all there!)

That being said; keep an eye out for a few of my new projects that are about to blow up this Autumn! I am excited about these ones!


Master Luke Robinson




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Shut Up & Get More.

As a person who loves to talk and write; someone who loves to study and utilise words, I have learned something that is (due to the nature of the statement) best left unexplained.

I have always believed (and still do believe) that using the exact right words at the exact right time to the exact right person can lead to anything being possible. History is full of all kinds of people being persuaded to do, say or give almost anything.

I have grown up to enjoy learning about language; history, grammar, writing, slang, persuasion, humour, acting, politics, semantics, translations, story telling, singing, poetry etc. and through this have learned the power of silence.

Silence is best

I have never come across anything covering this idea in any depth or in any convincing way.

In keeping with the concept itself; it can’t be written about. It can’t be talked, acted or sung about – as writing, acting, talking and singing are all ways of using noise. The spaces in the page are the silence, and so a book following this philosophy would be a particularly boring read.“Silence is important in martial arts too. Movement is noise, lack of movement is silence.”Silence implies; power, confidence, intellegence, calmness, interest, thoughtfulness, agreement, contentedness, etc.Silence allows you to; hear, learn, think, prepare, understand, press for more information, etc.The actual act of me writing this piece makes its sentiment somewhat (actually completely) hypocrytical – i’ve made a load of noise about how silence is the best way. So, in order to try to stay in line with what i am saying; I’ll leave a summary of my point below and end it there:

master-luke-robinson-hat-kick-7Master Luke Robinsonwww.facebook.com/MasterLukeRobinsonwww.youtube.com/c/MasterLukeRobinsonwww.instagram.com/MasterLuke RobinsonGet your copy of my Best Selling self defence book here:https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M12WT3Rbook-cover-image-2

Bullying and Martial Arts

*This has become a mini ‘hot topic’ recently – and im weighing in*

“Martial arts are about inclusion,positivity, and support”

I’ve grown up hating bullying – my dad has always had (literally) zero tolerance for bullying and that has clearly left an impression on me. The whole situation stinks, nobody gains from it; it is painful, embarassing, and is completely destructive for everyone involed.

Martial arts helps all people overcome being bullied (everyone knows this); it teaches them how to fight, helps them become stronger, and (what i think has the biggest influence on a bullied person) builds their confidence. No more victim mentality – this feeds through to all other aspects of their lives: they can (and do) now become a winner.

One thing I have noticed is that bullied people are helped, and that’s good; but bullys are just sneered at, called scum and left to end up where they’ll end up (even child bullies).

I get it that there is a victim of bullying and they can be helped with martial arts training, but the bully is clearly a victim of something else; something prior to them becoming a bully. Maybe (just maybe) being sneered at and told they are scumbags won’t constructively help them better themselves. Possibly; it will reinforce their opinions of themselves, and maybe they’ll continue bullying maybe calling someone a bully or scum will encourage them to act scummy and bully

“Society tries to solve bullying, by bullying bullies”

If you are looking at the whole issue of bullying; it is only dealing with a simptom to focus on ‘only’ helping the bullied person e.g. if you kept sprouting out in a tonne of spots everytime you eat chocolate, what do you do to stop this happening? Buy a load of spot cream, slap it all over your face and ignore the fact that you stuffing you face with chocolate is the cause? Or stop with the late night chocolate binges?

It is so socially abnormal to have empathy with a bully but ignoring their point of view just leads to it all amplifying.

The only responsible approach is to open up to both the bully and the bullied, otherwise you are just redirecting the bullying. By only helping the bullied person, you are doing them a disservice – you’re probably just amplifying the whole bullying issue.

Everyone gains from martial arts training – don’t just encourage bullied people into martial arts, you’ll have a much larger (and much more positive) impact on this whole affair with bullying problem if you indscrimitately encourage people to study martial arts.

Currently; bullying seems to be a problem that is fueling so much hate and dehumanization (towards ‘bullies’).

Martial arts training provides: a figure of authority, discipline, respect, physical activity, team work, a structured progress system, stress relief, a positive and supportive environment, and (a big one in my opinion) a non-judgemental acceptance of anyone willing to learn (as well as many more things).

To put it quite plainly in the way i think of it: I wouldn’t treat students differently if they were: black, white, fat, thin, English, Chinese, Labour, Conservative, clever, stupid, priviledged, unpriviledged, etc. and therefore i wouldn’t treat a bully or a bullied person differently – I know martial arts helps absolutely everyone.

I’m not here to discriminate, judge and choose who does and doesn’t deserve martial arts – I’m here to teach martial arts to people who want to learn.

I know people are acting with some level of good intentions when they scorn bullies, but let’s actually help iradicate bullying by opening up to both sides of the issue (otherwise we are just bullying the bullies, which is a mental way to try to stop bullying…)

Thanks for reading. Let’s get rid of bullying – properly.


Master Luke Robinson




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One Exercise To Add Power To Your Fight

This is actually a particularly simple exercise to include in your workouts. How many reps you go for is up to you, how long you do it for is up to you, and how much effort you put in is up to you (of course).

Not only does this exercise add a measurable amount of power to your kicks, it also; increases your flexibility, encourages your muscles to work together (compound movements), develops technique and increases stamina – which is why movements like this are great.

Here’s a short video explaining it – please leave a like and subscribe to the Youtube channel for many more videos like this:


Give it a go and let me know how it goes. Any questions, feel free to contact me:



Master Luke Robinson




10 years of Titan


The word ‘Titan’ actually means so much to me – it’s a word that has meaning, it represents everything that i consider important.

Basically what Titan represents is approaching life with martial values: Working and Improving.

“Anybody who is Working and Improving is a Titan!”

*There is more; family values, positivity, aiming high, always grinding, proactivity, creativity, and more – but this all falls into “Working and improving”*

Titan (as an idea) first came into existence 10 years ago when Titan Taekwondo (a small, family run taekwondo club) was created.

Since that time Titan has grown and developed while staying true to what it means.

Titan Academy, Titan Writin’, TITANWEAR,  as well as many more projects and ventures.

Titan has always worked with, helped develop, created, and nutured strong, successful and individual characters and will continue to do so!

This year marks the 10th year of ‘Titan’ being in existence – 10 years of working and improving. Here’s to the next ten (and the ten that follow that).

Titan has helped me and many, many other people – this is a tribute to Titan!

Master Luke Robinson master-luke-robinson-london-taekwondo-7




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As some readers may know i have recently managed to self publish my self defence book on amazon.

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img_5043This book has been put together through a huge labour of love and the final creation is awesome (i am so happy with it). It’s modern, bright, vibrant and fun as well as having some serious, straight-talking and down-to-earth (some parts are quite gritty) information. I wrote it to cover the essential life skill of self defence in a personable and friendly way – and i think it comes through (just my thoughts).

Anyway, here’s the good part!!

Within the first 24 hours it became a number 3 Best Seller on Amazon – completely surpassing anything i could have expectd. To thank everyone for the massive amount of positivity and support that i have been given over the course of this project i have made it completely free for anyone to get anywhere this weekend.

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I would love for you to get a copy and encourage your friends and family to get one too, and of course; leave a review (preferably about how astonishingly great the book is :p). I seriously just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported me (and a thank you in advance for everyone who will be giving their support)!

Let’s continue show the big publishers that it can be done without them!

Liking and sharing this post would really appreciated, to keep the momentum building up.

Below are a few of the more dynamic photos used in the book.


Master Luke Robinson