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**-This is my first blog on the topic of martial arts – if you want to know a brief account of my martial arts career then have a read. There will be more blogs to come – including pictures, videos, training, and all other things. It seems a bit chunky, but as many of you will know i can talk about taekwondo for days!! Do please share this with people who may be interested and encourage them to do the same-**


Hi, i think it is only appropriate to use my first blog as a way to introduce myself. If you know me (and what i am about, what i do and have done) the this is a post i guess you can skip.

My name is Luke Robinson, i am a martial artist and i have been for longer than i can remember. I started to train in taekwondo when i was 4 years old. The person who taught me was Master Neil Patterson (im sure there will be many blogs relating to him in the future.) The reason i started taekwondo was because i saw something on the TV that i thought was cool, possibly Jackie Chan, possibly Ninja Turtles – my mum found the local martial arts school (Brotherhood Taekwondo) and i have been training ever since.

As this is my first blog i don’t want to end up rambling and straying from the topic so i will try to keep it pretty ‘matter-of-fact’.

I am currently a 5th Dan black belt in taekwondo and run an amazing martial arts academy (Titan Academy – Another thing that will be included in many future blogs.) At Titan Academy we teach hundreds of students of all ages, all levels and all sizes. We also have strong ties with academies/schools accross the world in order to create a possitive, worldwide community of martial artists. I also run private martial arts training programs for particularly hard-working and ambitious people – I have to keep the number of clients i take on for these programs low as to give enough attention to each person. (So far they have been shockingly successful!)

I am currently working on developing a training program for corporate groups and management teams. The aim of these programs are to help develop the individuals of a business, to produce great team work and to improve: motivation, innovation, focus, self efficecy, etc. (Another topic that will be blogged about in the future.)

As i said i started training when i was 4 years old, under Master Neil Patterson. I have always been training ever since – i haven’t taken as much as a week’s break from training. I have competed nationally and internationally winning bronzes, silvers and gold (along with winning nothing many times.)

I achieved my black belt when i was 10 years old, which is about when i started to teach other students. The most part of my teenage years was consumed with travelling all round Britain and Europe getting walking into sports hall to compete in the next competition.

By the time I was 16 I had achieved my third dan and become a three time international champion – I opened my own club alongside my dad (somebody that will be the focus of many more posts i’m sure.) This club was called Titan Taekwondo and consisted of myself, my dad and about 10-20 white belts who were eager and ready to learn from us.

When i was 17 years old i took, and passed, my 4th Dan test achieving the master grade at the youngest age possible. This point in my taekwondo career was the growth of our small club, as the students became more and more senior. Some moving house, others leaving for university and some staying consistent with their training all the way. (Tobias Lewis is a man who has been training right from the beginning of Titan.)

I started to travel the world teaching, training and demonstrating taekwondo meeting many people along the way, trying to learn everything i could. The martial arts communities around the world are huge and extremely welcoming – filled with real people who share a genuine passion. (These travels will be documented at some point in a blog.)

I achieved my 5th Dan black belt when i was 22 years old – again the youngest age possible. So young in fact that the world’s headquartes of taekwondo at first informed me that i can’t be a fifth Dan at this age. After discussion, due to the previous timing of my gradings (tests), they were more than happy to grant me my fifth Dan. Thankfully!

The most recent chapter of my taekwondo career includes me making some very close friends with other masters around the world. These people have inspired me to no end and i am sure will continue to do so. Titan Taekwondo became Titan Academy and is now a very mature martial arts school with many students training hard, regularly and are now on tract to become instructors. Being able to walk down to Titan Academy day-in-day-out and train with all these motivated superstars really fires me up. I have great ambitions within the world of martial arts, and now that i have given an extremely brief summary of my past i will give another extremely brief summary of my aims and ideas for the future.

I can’t wait to see how Titan Academy grows in the near future, there are already some plans to open up new locations with new instructors – which sounds absolutely great to me.

Personally i aim to expose as many of the public to real martial arts and encourage them to give it a try, as i have never met a martial artist who wishes they didn’t start. (It is always the best thing in their lives, they often wish they’d started before!)

I will continue to develop different training programs to reach as many different demographics of people as possible. I also want to get martial arts onto TV. Not neccissarily the kind of martial arts you see in hollywood because (although it is great) it isn’t what is practiced down at your local martial arts school – and i think the idea of being spinning kicked in the face can put some people off. So a television show that shows real/useful training to help better people’s health, fitness and wellbeing is a definite goal.

I want to publish books about martial arts. I have already started many – but it’s time to finish some. Books about: health, sport, training, self defence, action story books, children’s stories, etc. I think martial arts is such a mystical, yet somehow real, topic that it will captivate and inspire so many people.

Intergrating martial arts training into the business world is another aim of mine. Business/employment and the corporate world is often the most stressful thing in a persons life. Somewhere where they don’t really like what they do, don’t really like the people they are with and don’t really see a future for themselves. Martial arts training will help to relieve some of that stress, build strong relationships with colleagues and help to motivate people!

And lastly, for this post, to bring martial arts training into the health and fitness industry. I believe this industry has been slightly highjacked by supplement, dumbells and ultra pumped up/muscly people (another topic i will blog about.) I spent about 2 years focussed on getting bigger and lifting heavier weights, and it was fun – but not healthy. I would like for the fitness industry to include the tried andtested martial arts lifestyle and philosophies to help give people a more well rounded view on health.

In conclusion, i am Luke Robinson – taekwondo master and I want to reach out to as many people as possible using my martial arts. I want to educate and entertain with stories from my past, with what i am doing now, and with my plans for the future.

If you are interested in martial arts and are looking forward to being part of this journey then please share this with others (people who like martial arts, people who follow health and fitness, and even people who you think should.)

Thank you – Can’t wait for what comes next!


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  1. Hey Luke – had to drop in and say a big ‘Thank-you’ for stopping by and ‘liking’ my poetry – all the best to you. Looks like you have a good thing going here and great to see the passion on the page – take care and all the best…

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