Modesty/Showing Off – Martial Arts

As most people could have guessed, i enjoy taekwondo. There is something about isplit kickt that captivates me; throwing kicks and punches, spinning, jumping, sweating and suffering.

I can only equate it to something along the lines of how a musician feels towards music, how a dancer feels towards dancing, or how a novelist feels towards writing.

6Although, there seem to be different expectations when it comes to martial arts, and quite rightly too. Martial arts are designed from war – they are fundamentally based on how someone can hurt/kill someone else.

So, of course, there are rules and codes of practice put in place. Many of which discourage the use of martial arts in public. Modesty is taught – not to show off (obviously a virtuous trait in any walk of life), but this often leads to people being a bit reluctant to have some fun!

I am often called a ‘show off’ (in jest) for using a few spinning, or flying, kicks.

But i personally consider it part of my duty to draw attention to how fun and awesome martial arts are. I view it from the same point as i metioned earlier: if a musician plays for the public for free – it’s a gift, people love it (if they are any good that is).IMG_3037

So i will often have some fun with taekwondo in public. High kicks, spinning and sparring – taking photos and videos. People will have a look and it usually sparks up a conversation.

Everyone knows about martial arts but, unless they seek out their local martial arts school, they won’t ever come into contact with it. So hopefully some of the people who have seen me flying around kicking will be encouraged to, at some point, open up google and have a look at what there is for them locally.

Personally i thinkĀ  talking about, and performing, martial arts to people is a good thing – minimum it could give someone a bit of entertainment while they are out doing some shopping. So (if you can/want to) don’t feel inhibited in public – have some fun and be epic!

flying side kick Kings CrossTake some photos, make some videos and show your friends.

Just make sure it is all for a bit of fun, not just to inflate your ego.

And i wouldn’t recommend walking around trying to look tough or start fights. (In fact your a dumbass if you do.)

Have Fun!

Master Luke Robinson

Titan Academy [ ]


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