One Exercise to Improve Your Fight

Most people would love to be able to be an amazing fighter. Whether or not you expect yourself to get into any fights or not, just knowing that you can handle yourself if things turn sour is always something that most people consider quite empowering.

So, how do you become an excellent fighter?

Well it takes years of training, lots of blood sweat and tears, focus and determination, and a great deal of ‘getting beaten up’! (If you want to find out how long it took me and what I had to do – check out my first ever blog!)

But, that’s a lifestyle and not everybody can (or wants to) change their whole lifestyle just to feel a bit more comfortable when going out at night. So here is one exercise that can be easily included into your day anywhere and anytime (it also has many differing levels of practice to work up).

If you want to strengthen your: grips, blocks, punches and strikes at the same time as speeding up your reflexes and burning fat the work through these different progressions of one simple exercise.

Start with the regular press ups

Next progression, knuckle press ups


Next, finger tip press ups

Next, three finger press ups

Finally, two finger press ups

Working your way through these movements will greatly develop your wrists and forearms. Wrist and forearm strength are so commonly overlooked when it comes to athleticism and fitness, but if you want to be sure that you can send your fist, quickly, accurately and solidly, through wood or other hard materials then this is a workout to introduce to your day.

I suggest building up to being able to comfortably do 20 repetitions of the movement and then moving on (but do give them all a go). Soon enough you be confident that you can send your fist through anybody’s face. (Don’t though.)

Give it a go and let me know what you think. What progressions you can manage and which ones you can’t, what results you get, and if there are any things you might add. Share this with anyone who thinks they can manage difficult press ups!

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