The Real Martial Arts Lifestyle

What is the martial arts lifestyle? A strange and mystical way of living that involves many deep philosophical questions and riddles?

Nope. The real life martial arts lifestyle is all about living up to what you want to be! (Cheesy as that sounds – give me sometime to explain.)

business card 4Through; pushing myself to my limits, dedicating myself to my own development, consistently working at something, feeling pain, being put out of my comfort zone, etc. I have, slowly but surely, become more and more informed as to who i am am what i want. As a result of this i can feel comfortable to honestly express myself anywher and everywhere and, most importantly, not feel bad about anything that i decide to do (because i know that it is a well informed decision with good intention.) A true freedom of expression!stylish sparring

In lifestyle terms: I feel i am much more frequently honest (and people like that), my mind seems faster and my humour more relatable to others, i stand tall and value myself. When i am in a social situation i have an underlying value for myself (as i know i am an achiever) so i don’t need to sound cool or tough – which so many people want to be.

In short, the true martial arts lifestyle is a free and honest lifestyle – not because it is ‘right’ or ‘nobel’ to be true and honest but because that is just how you become. Wearing the clothes that you want to wear, surrounding yourself with the people you want to be with, having fun in what ever way you want to, eating and drinking what ever it is that takes your fancy – and never feeling one regret about any of high kickl


The best think i can equate a true martial arts lifestyle to is that of a rock star! Just always doing what you want and knowing that it’s great – because it is (Just without the emptiness that often links itself with rock stars.) People won’t understand what it is about you that shines so brightly – they’ll call it “talent”, “charaisma” or “showmanship” and they will think you are “lucky” or “special” – but the truth is it all comes from you putting in the hard work, feeling the pain and consitently following your journey day in day out.

“Rock stars wish they had the lifestyle of a martial artist!”

luke flying side kickIn simple terms: Once you’ve done your five hundredth press up – working an extra hour at work doesn’t seem so difficult, once you’ve tried, and failed, to perform infront of a room full of martial artists – telling a joke to a group of people seems particularly easy, and once you’ve been kicked in the head by a taekwondo master – the pain from any other of life’s little tricks becomes quite trivial.

So – The martial arts lifestyle is an epic and free lifestyle, doing what you want, when you want to and with who you want, full of confidence and conviction! Cool, funny, stylish and charming – people will be drawn to you and won’t understand why – Just tell them “I’m a martial artist”.

So, work hard and play hard. Be epic, be happy, be you – Be a martial artist!


All photos were taken at Titan Academy –

Master Luke Robinson



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