How To Kick Super High

Do you know anyone wanting to be able to kick above their head? Share this with them!IMG_3711

Of course you need to be flexible.

But what kind of flexibility? In which muscles? How to apply that flexibility dynamically?

There are many different ways to strecth and each are good, each will help.

But some more than others.

Being able to drop down into the splits doesn’t necissarily mean you can apply that to a high turning kickkick – this requires mind muscle connect, balance, strength and technique.

The best way to train towards being able to kick super high is to support yourself with your hand on a wall and swing your straight leg into the air (to the front and/or to the side) and then bring your leg back to the starting position. You should feel it pull on your muscles – but only a gentle pull. It doesn’t matter how high your leg goes, it will increase over time. Swing your leg up 20 times on one leg and repeated it to the other side. Repeat this daily for just one month and see how much higher you will be able to throw your legs while keeping a balanced and strong body position.

-Eventually, once you become more confident, you wont need the wall to help with your balance-

This is called a dynamic stretch because your muscles are being strecthed whilst in IMG_4182movement, this will hep your body get used to the balance and control needed to kick high. Stretching in a static position on the floor is great but is much less applicable to kicking high than this dynamic stretch – because high kicks are, of course, dynamic.

*Don’t swing you leg up with too much force as you are liable to have your standing leg follow it into the air, levitate for a bit and then drop head first to the floor*

It has worked for the students in the pictures above!

Try it and let me know how it goes.

Every image in this is from Titan Academy –

Master Luke Robinson


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