Training to Become Champions!

Over the last 20 hours i have spent over 9 hours at Titan Academy teaching taekwondo to loads of dedicated and hard-working students.

Tomorrow is a big grading (test) at Titan Academy and everybody has been doing what they can to fully prepare for it.

From white belts to black belts – all are pushing themselves in order to get the best result they can.

Many students have been regularly training at classes twice a day and giving 100% of their energy and attention.

This is the kind of environment that Titan Academy provides – a productive, focussed and progressive community.

With this level of effort and dedication i am sure everybody will do great at tomorrow’s grading.

It’s certainly tiring – teaching martial arts so much to so many people – but nothing is anywhere near as rewarding.

Good luck to everybody who is taking their grading tomorrow. (You certainly won’t need any luck!)IMG_3822

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Master Luke Robinson


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