Train for 20 Hours and Get Good!

We have all heard that it takes 10,000 hours of practice before you can master a skill. IMG_4265Personally, i don’t believe any skill can be completely ‘mastered’ (you can always improve it), and therefore clearly i don’t agree with the whole 10,000 hours thing – although i do agree with it’s sentiment which is you have to train for a very long time before you can get realy good at something.

But, nothing starts with 10,000 hours and nothing should start with the focus on 10,000 hours as that’s not where you are. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step” – If you were focussed on the thousandth mile you’d probably trip along the way! – when i started i was 4, i’m sure if i was focussed on the ten thousandth hour i’d have been well put off!

It is important to keep everything relevant to where you are now when it comes to training and this is why i developed the ‘20 hour‘ approach with my private taekwondo training programs. In 20 hours you will not master anything and you wont become a great martial artist but you will be at the level where you will have an understanding of what taekwondo is about, you’ll have a good grasp of the fundamentals and be able to analytically view what you’re doing.

IMG_5180Often, with a skill like taekwondo, i would recommend against a student teaching themselves anything as it’s likely they’d pick up bad habbits and make mistakes with the basic movements leading towards the building blocks of all moves being wrong – these then have to be un-learned. But at this ‘20 hour‘ point in your training you will be in a good position to correct yourself and improve your technique.

“Un-guided training is more detremental to your ability than no training.”

Not everybody wants to ‘master’ a skill e.g. learning a foreign language – being able to get by is more than enough for most people. With martial arts people often like the appeal of being a master and being able to take on 30 people and win, but what they would be happy with is being able to defend themselves and their loved ones if needed.

With a focussed and dedicated approach to training from the student – this is exactly what my ‘20 hour‘ training program is designed to do: Build the students ability to the point where they are compitent enough to train by themselves, give them a solid understanding of what taekwondo really is and the ability to perform the fundamentals of taekwondo to a high level.

My current student on this program is Kesh – you can watch his progress on:IMG_5301




All images were supplied by Titan Academy:

Master Luke Robinson


4 thoughts on “Train for 20 Hours and Get Good!

  1. I think this is a good rule for a lot of things in life. I agree, if you begin by thinking of how long 10,000 hours really is, it’s daunting. Easily deterring you away from whatever it is you are wanting to undertake. Great post!

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  2. The 20-hour rule is actually much more real than we may think. Check out my first post regarding this subject. I’m new to the whole scene, but I’m excited to take this rule to a bunch of different skill sets. I’m currently working on photography as my first 20-hour challenge!

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