The Best Fighting Style

What is your fighting style? Taekwondo? Boxing? Kung Fu? Chinese? Thai? Western?

Such a typical question to be asked as a martial artist. Usually followed by why that style is good or bad, its strengths or weaknesses, or tips about how you should be training..

IMG_7223This is definitely a pet hate of mine. If someone asks my what my fighting style is, i don’t have an answer. I train in taekwondo, and have done for over 2 decades now but that isn’t my ‘fighting style’.

I get it that there are different martial arts that teach different things, and this will bring forward different skills and abilities when the student becomes competent but, ultimately, any and all styles are good (as long as you are being taught well – as well as you learning well).

Fights are won by kicks, punches, take downs, locks, chokes, weapons, fitness, strength, technique, power, speed, etc. Anything can (and does) win a fight! As long as you focus on what fits with you, your body and your mindset you develop into the best fighter you can be. IMG_9184

While training (and fighting), having a dynamic and open mind will help you tweak and change things. Being analytical and unemotional will help you review you abilities and how they can be improved (added to or subtracted from). Staying fit for purpose will put you in the position to be able to resource more movements (that an unfit person possibly couldn’t) e.g. high kicks, ground movement, or spinning attacks.

Confidence is a necessity with fighting – and confidence comes fromĀ  not having to ask yourself questions like; can i get in quick enough? am i strong enough? how far can i reach? (because you already have and you already know the answers). The more, and longer, you train the more experience you will gain and the more questions about yourself you will have answered.

Because of this i believe that after you have trained in any style for a great deal of time you will become the fighter that you always wanted to. You’ll have that confident ‘warrior mindset’ – presuming your approach your training from an open and inquisitive angle while always trying to legitimately challenge yourself.

IMG_3497But all of this doesn’t get me any closer to producing a satisfactory answer to the question: “What is your fighting style?”. Maybe, from now on, when i am asked i will reply with “The best one”

A question to you: What’s your answer to “What’s your fighting style?” ?

All pictures were provided by Titan Academy

Master Luke Robinson


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