One Benefit of Martial Arts Training no.1 – Joints

*This is a series of blogs based on the many varying benefits of martial arts training.*

Up to thirty percent of adults report some kind of joint pain – it’s a particularly common thing for an adult to experience, whereas it is almost unheard of in children.

IMG_3110Why is this? When people grow up, they stop moving. Even if someone is fit and health – they have a ripped body and hit the gym everyday it is likely that they still don’t move anywhere near how much/well they did when they were a child. As a result; joint paint and stiffness.

The movements that are used in the gym (e.g. bench press, curls, deadlift, etc.) are extremely limited – it is about choosing a small range of motion and doing reps as apposed to larger/more free movements (like a child playing). Don’t get me wrong, gym training is fine -but supported by martial arts training (otherwise it can often lead to more negatives than positives).

Martial arts training focusses on the movement first (before numbers; reps, weight, calories, minutes etc.) and as a result the joints are used freely. Moving in this way lubricates the joints making them feel looser and allows for faster/more dynamic movements.

This ‘movement first’ training is a more natural way to workout – it isn’t necissary to bare weight on the joints which often leads to joints being compressed and grinding against themselves.

Having a full range of motion enables somebody IMG_5300to be strong in any direction – too often, nowadays, people are strong – but only strong in a forward position. From my experience, life/fights don’t happen from the front, on the contrary, life (and fighting) is a curve ball, followed by a sucker punch, followed by a change of direction repeated over and over. So keep that natural child-like ability to move with things (be able to throw a punch or a kick from infront, behind, to the side or any direction).

Lastly and by absolutely no means least; building strong, supple, and free joints will put you in extremely good stead for a healthy old age.

“As long as you can move, you can be healthy”

Inactivity is such a huge factor in lack of fitness and health – and this often comes from people feeling as if they can’t be active due to pains and stiffness.

To summarize as breifly as possible: Martial arts support your joint’s health – this is immeasurably good for you in the short-term and long-term.

Ask about my ‘movement first’ approach to fitness on my Facebook page if you want to know more about it.

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Master Luke Robinson


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