How to Smash Through Plateaus

All training reaches plateaus, we all know that and we have all felt them! They can be annoying, demotivating and even enough to stop people continuing there training (specially if you are really going for it – giving your training everything).

IMG_7850Due to the nature of progress, we all hit plateaus and most people get frustrated and put off by them – some people have even come to accept them as part of their training – but there is a way to always smash through them:

By getting involved in martial arts, plateaus can become something you don’t have to accept. As martial arts training has many, many different aspects to it (e.g. strength, speed, flexibility, technique, focus, experience, etc.) anybody can make consistent progress by simply changing the focal point of their training. e.g. if you start to plateau with your strength training switch the focus to technical training, or if you start to plateau with your sport fighting performance then change the focus to increasing your endurance.

This way you’ll continue to keep making gains at a rate of knots!

It is hard to over come any plateaus in a generic fitness training situation as the focusses at a gym are often extremely limited, sometimes limited to nothing more than the weight of what you can lift – with this ‘typical gym’ approach to fitness you’ll have to become used to plateaus controlling your progress.

“As martial arts cover such a large spectrum of skills and abilities, it is easy to slightly change the focus and to keep the gains coming!”

On top of enabling you to demolish any plateaus you might come across, this approach will keep your training fresh and fun so you will always give 100%.

So, get involved with a martial art, change your training up, and keep up the hard work!IMG_4496

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Master Luke Robinson


8 thoughts on “How to Smash Through Plateaus

  1. Great post! I believe martial arts are great, I encourage everyone to choose one to follow, I will also send my son when he’s old enough however, As a strength coach I can tell you there are lots of ways to burst through a plateau, not just adding weight. There are various training systems (superset, giant set, drop set etc), rep ranges, rest periods, tempo, ranges of movement can all be manipulated to bring about a new response, not to mention the various pieces of equipment, time under tension, strength curves i.e bands and chains etc There is a reason professional athletes including martial artists strength train, a good coach will enable you to burst through your plateau no problems. keep up the good work

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