Jumping for Joy! (Taekwondo Style)

umbrella 64Hello WordPress world, I have been writing a blog about martial arts for two weeks now and I’m yet to write a post that actually adresses the land of WordPress.

I am a martial artist (and a decent one at that), but in terms of blogging and writing.. well – I’m not quite sure how to structure an article, how to promote a page or how to design how things look (but i do have a topic that i am passionate about so it’s all good).

This blog (over the last two weeks) has reached over 1,400 people, gained over 200 likes and has gathered more than 100 followers. I have no baseline for the numbers to work with, but i am really happy about this and i think it is always good to announce if something seems to be going well.

I definitely didn’t start this blog, and won’t continue it, for like etc. but it seems (to me) to be reaching a lot of people and people are liking it – not as much as i am!IMG_4475

Taekwondo and martial arts, and how they tie into so many aspects of life are topics that i am always thinking about and this is a great way to share and engage with people. I’m loving ‘blogging’.

So, i am writing this to say how much i enjoy writing this blog and how great i think it is that so many people have taken the time to read/share/follow this blog. So, thanks!

Here are lots of pictures of me jumping and flying through the air (in celebration of course.)

There are so many topics, articles, blogs, pictures, etc. to come – so stay tuned!

My name is Master Luke Robinson – thanks for being here!

All images are sourced from Titan Academy

http://www.TitanTaekwondo.com & http://www.Facebook.com/TitanDojang

Master Luke Robinson





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