Getting Martial Arts on TV!

We all love martial arts, even if you aren’t super passionate about them, even if you have never actually trained in one – they interest us all with their ancient and mystical ways of helping and aiding people to overcome the obsticles of life (and if not, they at least entertain us – something cool to look at).

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Ip Man – these are people who have had the privilage of being completely involved with martial arts, diving head first and submerging themselves in the world of martial teachings. They are all great people, massively inspirational, affecting millions of us for the better, good examples for us all to look up to. At some point in their lives though, they didn’t do martial arts and,at an earlier point, they knew nothing of martial arts. There had to have been one thing that first exposed them to this way of life, one thing that opened their eyes to martial arts – that will engulf their futures and build their legends!

business card 4I want to reach people through martial arts – i want to be able to spark an, at least temporary, interest in the world of martial arts in people that would otherwise be eating chips or kit kats.

Good martial arts help people, always.” And this is why i think giving people the inspiration to try out their local taekwondo school or karate club is definitely a something to aim for.

I aim to bring real martial arts to the mainstream; television, magazines, internet, etc. Martial arts are god damn cool (as is being a martial artist), and so i am certain people would love to sit down and watch half an hour/an hour’s worth of martial arts training, teaching, challenges, history, culture, humour and travel. I understand that this takes: a great deal of labour, dedication, and somebodies shoulders for it to lie on – I am more than willing and ready to contribute each!

I want to find a production company/television channel/director/producer/promotion company that will dicuss a martial arts TV program. (A martial arts enthusiatst, philanthropist would be great.)

This blog is focussed on planning a television program showing real martial arts and is a way of reaching out to anybody (and everybody):

If you are interested then, if you know somebody that might be, if you have ideas, if you want to be involved, if you know something that can help/develop the idea, if you have any comments then contact me here or at:

IMG_9325I believe that putting ideas out there (into the universe – out in the open), sharing them with who ever wants to hear is always a good thing – gathering ideas and motivation.

Sharing this with any person/community that may have some kind of interest would be extremely helpful and i would appreciate it hugely!


Master Luke Robinson


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