One Exercise to Improve your Fight – no. 2

Being able to move is obviously implicit with bein a great fighter. Understanding where your legs, arms, body and head are and, more importantly, how to control them are necessities with regards to not only fighting, but fitness, health, sports, etc.

Most fights (on the internet) do highlight the importance of having proper control of your body – the small, controlled movements, leaning in and leaning out, rolling shoulders, piveting on toes and twisting hips. Too often you’ll see a ‘flailer’ (somebody who flings limbs out in any which way) get punished for not having any control over themselves.

This is an exercise that will help support control of your body’s movements. It will help strengthen your core, your hip flexors and your legs. It will require, and reinforce, a strong mind-muscle connection and will support leg flexibility.

I don’t have a name for this exercise, but from as of now let’s call it the ‘Master Luke’ exercise. (not in the slightest egotistical.)

Copy the movements pictured below as accurately, smoothly and slowly as you can – i recommend 20 reps – this should take no longer than about 2 mins. (Don’t forget it’s called the ‘Master Luke’ Exercise)


Start in a low stance, both legs bent – lots of people will recognise this as Horse Stance, but it’s not really. Just have your legs bent and your feet in a position that is comfortable for you. Keep your hands in; either a guarding position or arms stretched out to either side througout the whole move.



Lean your body weight over to one side so that on leg is bent and the other has become completely straight. Keeping your stance low – an easy way to keep your stance low is to aim to keep your head level.




Lift your straight leg so you are now standing on one (bent leg) with the other raise. Aim to keep the non-standing foot in line with the standing leg’s knee.





Straighten the standing leg making sure you keep your hands and non-standing foot in position.





Kick the bent leg out into, what i would call, a side kick. It doesn’t have to be in anyway technically accurate (or even high), just a controlled movement to straighten the leg out to the side.




Then follow the stages back in reverse to return to the starting position and repeat on the other side – and you have completed the ‘Master Luke’ exercise.

There is a video of the ‘Master Luke’ exercise for you to copy:Ā  <—- just click here for it

Do this 20 times, slowly and with control, and in no time you will feel: more solid and sturdy, a greater control of your body, stronger legs and evern more flexible hip flexors.

Here is a grid of every different step to the ‘Master Luke’ exercise.

Not sure if i’ve mentioned thisĀ  – it’s the ‘Master Luke’ exercise

All images were taken at Titan Academy.

Master Luke Robinson


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