A Simple Way to Knock People Out

Before I get going with divulging an effective way to defend yourself and take someone (big or small) down with one hit; just take a second to imagine a fight, not a fight within a ring but a fight on the street. One person standing opposite another and they are slugging it out – just a typical street fight, if you can’t imagine it, Youtube is full of them (thank god for Youtube and it’s infinitely filled resource for street fights!). If you look at where the two imaginary people have put their arms to guard I’m sure they will be up by their head, and the reason for this is probably because they are being punching in their head. (It all makes sense.)

Okay now that that we are sharing an image of the ‘typical’ fighting position that people take I’ll get going.

Just under where your bottom ribs meet in the centre of your body is your solar plexus (in yoga this area houses the third chakra), it is a small, soft and vulnerable  area where a load of nerves collect. hitting this area is such an effective way to inflict pain onto someone (not that we all want to always inflict pain on people. Often, hopefully, it’s quite the opposite – love and kindness and all that, but if you end up in one of those situations where delivering a fair share of agony to somebody is necessary then targeting the solar plexus is a good idea).

People always target, and therefore block, the head in a fight – I think this is primarily because of sport fighting being what everybody sees if fighting. In a sport fight (as well as being rewarded for targeting the head), both fighters, have gloves/protection on which makes it particularly futile to start aiming your attacks to tiny little vulnerable areas of the body (any energy delivered through a glove will be dispersed and can’t be focussed – so to get a knock out fighters will have to aim for the head). As a result of people having their attention taken by protecting their head they will almost certainly leave the centre of the chest (solar plexus) wide open.

So many times I have witnessed somebody, usually completely by mistake, deliver a kick or a punch directly to the solar plexus of an opponent to end up standing there looking bemused and even a little worried as their opponent curls up and collapses breathlessly to the floor. (I can only imagine their internal monologue being something like “wait.. what? what did I do? I barely even touched him, is he okay” while questioning whether or not they will ever be able to touch another human again without flooring them) – Imagine the looked pulled on the face of somebody thinking that! master luke robinson - solar plexus kick

So, to bring the main points together into one paragraph; if you connect a hit with somebody’s solar plexus the will feel it – they will collapse to the floor. The attack doesn’t even have to be particularly hard, just quite accurate. People completely forget about this part of their body being vulnerable and weak (maybe they don’t even know) – but you do now and if ever needed, it’s an option.

You can condition yourself against attacks to the solar plexus – although a good hit there will always work!IMG_4561

All images used in this blog are from Titan Academy:

http://www.TitanTaekwondo.com & http://www.Facebook.com/TitanDojang

Master Luke Robinson




10 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Knock People Out

      1. It takes a lot of training but I wouldn’t say it’s too difficult to become proficient at. Ive seen it done a few times in real fights. But if kicking is t something people want to train that much, punches and knees too – any kind of strike.


      2. Sure but dynamics of street fight is completely different to the martial arts and using legs in the street is risky, but sure if someone wants to use kicks why not…

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