Simple, Easy Flexibility Training

Being flexible, physically and mentally, is obviosuly a virtue and as a martial artist i reckognise this and always try to improve my own.

One way to stretch that i particularly enjoy (because it works up a sweat and makes me feel as if i am actually working out, as well as really making your body work together as a whole – compared to strecthing out muscle by muscle) is dynamic stretching – i have mentioned this in a previous blog ‘How to Kick Super High’.

This kind of stretching will be irrefutably benefitial to any martial artist, gymnast, athlete, etc. If these aren’t things that you involved in (martial arts etc.) then this is still a great way to start and end your day – it will help loosen you up, burn calories, engage muscles and fire up your body.

There is a video of this kind of strecthing that has recently been posted on:

Just click that link to have a watch (and a copy) of the stretching – there is also a deeper description about it there.

Master Luke Robinson - High Martial Arts Kick

Master Luke Robinson


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