How to Change the World – By Yourself

*This is more wordy and verbose than i would usually write for a quick taekwondo workout or an explanation of a killer move etc. So if philosophical ramblings aren’t something that will captivate you check out my last blog and/or stay tuned for my next (it will be a martial arts workout)*

So you want to change the world?

I know it’s something i have always wanted to accomplish: make the world a better place, engage with (and reach out to) people, share my unequivical passion for life, and (of course) nourish my, always starving, ego. Luckily for me i have always had my overly opulent and lavish capacity within taekwondo to put out into the world.

Isn’t there some inate human desire, even need, to manipulate aything and everything until it is has an acceptable level of correspondance with our will? It seems fundamental.

*I thought i’d let you in on how i am desperate to change the world: I want the whole world (on a personal level) to seek out and find what it is that the love and dedicate themselves to it – just like i feel i have with taekwondo. I want people to be able to be givenas much from life as i have. Although being quite a kind and selfless thing to wish for people – it does seem a particularly dictatorial approach to effectively force people to find and do what they love.*

But where do we start if we want to impliment change into our world?

The whole universe exists within our minds (once was such an obtuse and flufy statement that it wouldn’t credit much time – however most people now adhere to this is someway nowadays, without my mind ‘my universe’ wouldn’t exist). What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell is all just how we interpret different inputs. What ever it is ‘we’ are, it’s clear that our world (our whole universe) is our rendition of things. So, we come to the classic conclusion:


“If you want to change the world, start with yourself”

hat pic 2






*I used the word ‘yourself’ so i though it appropriate to place a picture of ‘myself’ to give an example ‘oneself’*



But where do we start if we want to impliment change onto ourselves?

Looking at it all from the other perspective now, the focus now being on changing ourselves – because that is how we manage to change the world around us;

We exist within the universe (literally/physically we do, without a univers there would be no ‘us’, nothing to even want to make any changes). While the whole universe is housed in our, individual, minds – we are housed withint it. So, in order to make that personal self-change we’ll need to start with the universe…

Sound paradoxical to you? Does to me.

To make a change in our world, we need to start with ourselves (because the world we want to change exists within us), but to make a change to ourselves we need to start with the world around us (because we exist within it)… *Although i love a good paradox, it doesn’t appear to be the most productive route to take towards making a change to the world*

Maybe focusing on changing things just sends you into a paradoxical cycle? So can we forget about changing things?.. Change happens – things will always change.

Just a personal approach here, but definitely one that i would recommend if asked (although i would clearly recommend it without being asked because i am):

I have decided to focus on doing things that I enjoy (nothing more). Letting the changes that are going to happen, happen – as long as you are enjoying yourself; you’ll enjoy the changes. The times i have most changed the world i live in have always been due to me doing something that i love to do with no view of why i am doing it and no comprehension of the results i want. Here is me enjoying myself:

*I do aim for this (emphasis on the word ‘aim’), i am yet to rid myself of trying to change things, trying to impose my will and feed my ego. Maybe i won’t be able to just enjoy myself expectationlessly and maybe that will always limit the amount of change i can bring into the world – but i am glad that i, at least, recognise this and can try to re-focus on enjoyment as opposed to any results*

An analogy that i think of is; Somebody who enjoys running is bound to run uncomparably further than somebody who is running to get to a destination. On top of that, they’ll have more fun, make more of the sights they see, and have more energy and motivation to get up and get going again the next day. (As far as i know, that might be a crap analogy – but that’s the scenario that pops into my mind whenever i try to make ‘real world’ sense of my psuedo-philosophical ramblings. Whenther or not you think this is a crap analogy i am sure a simple “wow, what a brilliant analogy – you’re amazing” will suffice as food for my, already plump and meaty, ego)

“Have fun. No expectations. Watch, and enjoy, the changes you make.”

Learning martial arts a good place to start:

Titan Academy – &

Master Luke Robinson

Pictures and videos: http://www.instagram/MasterLukeRobinson

Personal training programs and updates:


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