The Martial Arts Mindset!

Of course (unlike nearly every self help book/article would suggest) there is no ‘winning mindset’. There can’t be any one way of thinking that will lead to success – it is all situational; where you live, what you are trying to win at, who you are against, when you are alive, etc.

Being dynamic and flexible is what is needed – being able to reshape and reform yourself, the more flexible and adaptable you are, the better.

“The aim is to be so flexible that you can easily slip into a fully committed inflexible frame of mind” – paradox much?But this makes sense, i find it hard to imagine anybody disagreeing (actually i find it easy to imagine somebody disagreeing with that, as i have a great imagination. Plus, to be honest, it doesn’t take that much imaginative power to imagine somebody standing there saying “I disagree.” – but it’s hard to believe that you’d come across somebody like this in real life).

Being able to go with the flow is often a great way to be but, at the same time, reserving the ability to forcefully block, manipulate and redirect the flow can help in many situations. Just like keeping your head down and getting on with your work will help you learn and put you inĀ  a better position, but without the ability to then stand up and assert what you have managed to learn you will likely be limiting what you can achieve.

It’s basically: Doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.master luke robinson are you ready to sweatTraining martial arts teaches this; in many situations standing tall and strong will be a great way to approach it, but in just as many situations the opposite would give the best results. When fighting somebody huge and solid you’ll quickly learn not to try to out-strength them, but fighting somebody who slight and fast; out-strengthing them might well be the way to go.This is how i try to approach all situations – the only constant being the ability to change and adapt. Soft and hard, fast and slow, imposing and submissive, sociable and solitary – as and when appropriate. As soon as you have a solid, unchanging approach to something; you have limited yourself.With this ability to flexibly and fluidly adapt your mindset, nothing will hold you down (not just in a fight but in all aspects of life). Hard or soft, fast or slow, calm or excited – what ever you decide the situation calls for; you’ll be able to deliver it.How flexible are you? What do you believe to be true? Can you legitimately challenge it?With all this talk of flexibility, i thought i’d put a picture of the splits up.master luke robinson - splits 6All images are provided by Titan &

Master Luke


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