Martial Arts Helping Children

Children thriving due to them being involved in martial arts is something i am adament about.IMG_4177

So many times i have seen a child (who isn’t doing too well at school, has a few social problems, and confidence issues) starts training with us at Titan Academy – within a few months starts to thrive and love their life. By a year or two of training they are being recognised by their school for being academically gifted and talented at sports.

*This is the child that they didn’t recognise existed a year or two ago… (A comment on the short comings of the current educational system here.)

I have an example that helps to demonstrate how, after martial arts training, children’s minds can function at an extremely high level. Below is a link to a short video of a young student of mine:

What the student manages to accomplish (in such an instantaneous moment and in such a casual manner) is mentioned in the description of the video. Any one of the many skills that is displayed in this tiny clip of her training is a huge asset for anybody throughout their life.

On top of everything, children love martial arts!

Images are provided by Titan Acdemy: &

Master Luke Robinson




One thought on “Martial Arts Helping Children

  1. It is wonderful to give a child a direction and place that brings them joy, happiness, peace and allows them a better path in life. It keeps them out of things like gangs and such.

    Keep providing kids with a better path. As a parent I certainly agree with what you do.

    Cheers! ^_^


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