One Exercise to Really Improve Strength

There are a tonne of exercises that have been claimed to make you stronger (and do in many cases).

I can only talk from my experience – I have been training in martial arts for over 21 years, weightlifting for 11 years, run a martial arts academy/gym (Titan Academy) for 10 years, and have been travelling and studying with the intent on learning about health phylosophies and approaches for over 5 years.

*This doesn’t put me in any better stead than anybody else, we’re all human – it’s all, always, opinions.*

But as i said; from my experience in order to really get stronger (an overall/general strength) using a slow, controlled and compounded calisthenic movement. Forgetting about reps, or time, or weights – just doing it when and where you can for as long as you want (until you want to stop).

Basically a controlled bodyweight movement that involves moving from one position to another. These exercises are used in: street workouts, gymnastic workouts, athletic workouts martial arts workouts, yoga workouts, sumo workouts, bodybuilding workouts, etc.

Below is a link to a video example of a calisthenic exercise. It is an excellent exercise but, if you want, you can change it, adapt it, or do something completely different (mine area always different) – the key is to move from pose to pose slowly, with as much control as possible.


Master Luke Robinson


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