Defence in the Street – Destroy your Attacker

Now before I start (well i guess to be completely accurate i have atsrted so this would be; after i start – but the very first instanthaving just started) i have to say; no matter how great somebody is at their training or in the ring, nobody can ever be fully prepared for a ‘street self defence’ situation. It is, of course, handy to train in as realistic situation as you can in order to be prepared but, being surprise attacked on the street is, and i’d be surprised to find somebody who disagrees, a different situation all together.

Now i can really start: I want to focus, not on any techniques or moves but, on the mentality that i believe one needs to take if somebody attacks them.

It happens; somebody doesn’t like your clothes, or your face, they want your money, you’ve managed to insult them or somebody they know, they think you have been acting annoying, you bumped into them, etc. and the decide that they’re going to punch your face in – it does happen.

If somebody is attacking you then your health/life is at risk – and it’s them who is putting it at risk! Although this is more a talk about my opinion than law, you have every right to be safe and they have (by attacking you) actively stripped you of that right. You can, and damn well should, do what you need to do to be safe (that is unless you are okay with someone attacking you – i make the broad assumption that people value not being beaten up, but there must be some people who enjoy it. If you do then, in this situation, you have my blessing to lie back and enjoy the beating).

“If someone threatens my life – i am willing to take theirs to protect mine.”

(Actually, more than willing. I feel obliged.)

Of course stay within the law – blah blah blah – becuase we [citizens of where ever] can’t be trusted to make the correct decision without the, all so helpful, guiding hand of the written rule created by centuries worth of politicians, lawyers, moarchs and oligarchies (you know – that trustworthy and fair cross section of society).

So; try not to use, what our government terms ‘excessive force’ but, i would have to admit that i would much prefer to be in the situation where i am safe having used ‘excessive force’ as opposed to finding myself in the situation where i am left lying on the floor bleeding out of my eyes because i held back due to fear of using ‘excessive force’.

*their are midways between both of these extremes and being somewhere amongst these midway points is advisable*

I believe that making a decision to do what has to be done to protect your health and life is not only acceptable but admirable. If somebody attacks you and you feel that they need to be left completely unconcious to keep yourself safe then that’s how they should be left!

Personally, if someone throws a punch at me – i will do what i can to leave them unable to move. You can’t know if: they are trained to fight, have a knife or a bottle, their friends are round the corner, etc. and you don’t want to find out either. If it requires you breaking atheir leg, smashing their head on a wall or even launching a brick into their face then so be it. – If they are left with a load of teeth missing, then that’s unfortunate (for them).

Switch your mentality to ‘survival mode’, send them crashing to the floor, and then get out of there.

*Stopping to trample their head into the ground would be quite a good example of something i would agree is ‘excessive force’*

At the end of the day, defending yourself is all down to your personal judgments and interpretations of the situation – but i say (baring in mind that i am not a monarch or a law maker) that you’ve got to look after yourself first; stop the person from attacking you (however necessary) and get the hell out of there. Done… You’re safe – and so are a lot of other potential victims too probably.

Please do bare in mind:

If you are not there then you’re a lot safer. stay at home eating double chocolate, super butter, cream cake and you won’t get knifed on the street” – words to live by.

Please feel free to have a look at tonnes more martial arts resources at these links:

Master Luke Robinson

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