Martial Arts by The London Eye

I have always ejoyed training outside, esecially if the sun is out. It does get hot, but it’s that nice kind of hot – a clear, crisp hot as opposed to a heavy humid hot (i’m not quite as big of a fan of that kind of hot).

To be quite fair to myself, i enhjoy training anywhere – indoors, outdoors, hot or cold. IMG_7244

But there is certainly something a bit different (a bit special) about taking a day out and making your way to Jubilee Gardens infront of the London Eye to get some training done. You get all kinds of people out and about on a sunny day and, as well as being so much fun, you get a lot of people’s attention – people wanting to know what it is you’re doing, people who know about martial arts themselves, people who want to join in and people who want a picture of video.

It’s a great thing to do; it brings about great feelings and is an excelent way to engage with people who you would otherwise never have known existed (and vice versa).

Plus, attention is always a good thing…

I hope you all have an awesome day!


For all kinds of martial arts pictures and videos go to these links:

Master Luke Robinson

All pivtures were provided by Titan Academy:


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