How to get the Best All-Round Body

This is, of course, nothing more than my opinion about how satisfied i have been with my own body – i’m sure there are many, varying opinions.

I have been thin and lightweight, i’ve been big and muscly and i have been wuite average sized, but i definitely feel happiest with how my body is now. Happiest with: what i can do, how i look, and how comfortable i am in general in my body.

Me being comfortable may well be strongly to do with the personal development that comes from following a martial arts life style (martial arts is good for that) and less to do with how i physically look but either way i am happy with how i look.

When i was skinny, i didn’t want to be skinny and when i was big i just wanted to be bigger…

Currently i am fast, powerful, flexible and have great stamina – i think i am pretty much average weight and not a huge build but i do have a relatively low body fat percentage. I am sure this is due to the martial arts training – martial arts training is pretty much an all ecompassing approach to human health. Including many types of training, i regularly: fight, stretch, weight train, train plyometrics and calesthenics, go for long runs – as well as sprints, walk, swim, etc.

Martial arts encourages a lifestyle approach to health and fitness (body and mind). As a result of this, engaging in exercise doesn’t seem like a means to an end and it doesn’t feel like a burden that you have to somehow manage to fit into your day – it becomes your day, what you want to do.

It does take a fair amount of comitment to rearrange a whole lifestyle to be that of a martial artist but i’ve never met anyone who has and hasn’t enjoyed it (as well as being proud of themselves for doing it).

Of course everybody knows that martial arts: benefit people’s confidence, help to structure people’s lives, is good for fitness, builds friendly relationships, etc. But not many people realise that martial arts is (in my opinion) the best way to build the best body.

Learning to fight in a ring or in the street helps you when it comes to fighting for what you want – be it a sexy body, a brilliant job, a happy family, etc.

Basically: Martial arts builds the best bodies, but be prepared to get a fair share of bruises on the way…

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