Get Independence From All The Shit – Martial Arts

In martial arts you learn, bit-by-bit, the different moves: blocks, kicks, strikes, etc. You then learn how to apply them; when and how.

This is the process and those are the things you are learning but, the whole time you are also learning how to learn – eventually you will be able to practice, learn, and progress on your own. The only instruction needed is your own – your ability to learn becomes independent. You won’t be reliant on the input of others.

The whole structure of martial arts training is designed to give the student independence from what ever chains are tying them down.

On top of that, the much more real and gritty side to becoming independent through martial arts – when you are standing up, in a ring, opposite someone who’s only aim is to beat you in a fight; you’d better stand on your own two feet. This (for anybody who is still depenent on something or someone in someway or another) is like taking a dive into the deep end of a swimming pool for a non-swimmer – learn or feel the consiquences.

Fighting is raw, rawer than any other activity, and through this rawness you will quickly learn to rely on yourself: This level of self-reliance and independence gained from martial arts training always feeds through, permeating into all aspects of a martial artists life.

Personally, i feel a huge level of indenepdence and freedom from all the crappy things in life thanks to my extensive martial arts training!


Master Luke Robinson


5 thoughts on “Get Independence From All The Shit – Martial Arts

  1. You inspire quite a bit. I need that sort of focus. We have quite a few different options for different types of martial arts where I live. I’m going to do some research and after the move I am going to try and get involved in some way in martial arts.

    I am definitely someone who could use strength of mind, body, and self defense. Thank you for always sharing and inspiring.

    Cheers! ^_^

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      1. No worries, I will definitely keep you up to date. I love reading the blog and I find it a source of inspiration. I also feel I learn a lot, so thank you for sharing your experience and being so positive as well.

        Keep it up and continue to inspire the world as you have me.

        Cheers! ^_^

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