Self-Confidence in Martial Arts

Self-confidence is an unquestionably important trait for anybody to develop and nurture if they are to reach their potential, regardless of what it is they want to achieve.

Self-confidence is something I consider to be necessary for a fighter/martial artist (regardless of age or experience). Of course everybody starts their martial arts journey by drilling basic moves and being told what to do – it’s all part of the discipline building and experience gathering martial training.

Although blindly copying what is being show and drilling it (until you dream about it) might seem like a bit of a monotonous and mind numbing process it requires, and builds, self-confidence:

At each stage where a student: hits a plateau, gets bored, or doesn’t see where they are headed they will have to find a way to resource enough self-confidence to reconnect with the belief that they can push through to the next level, that something as simple as boredom can’t stop them, or that they can trust their own path. This process, bit-by-bit, builds a student’s self-confidence.

As somebody reaches the maturity of their training, in anything (obviously, my stance is one that focusses on martial arts), they will develop a bit of an artistic licence to play around, try new things, and personalise what they have learned – it’s where the process of ‘self-learning’ begins.

This is where self-confidence is most noticeably needed – if you have all these ideas in your head (new directions to take, improvements on the old, visions for the future) but don’t believe that you can manifest them, then that’s it – they will never develop and/or grow. In terms of martial arts, this will leave a student with a great resource of kicks, punches, blocks, etc. but without any of them being experimented with or applied. This leaves their style un-personalised (their own style is… well, not their own style).

To summarise a lot of waffle in a few sentences: Self-confidence is necessary for training and expression, at every stage. Self-confidence is necessary for a person to build and develop themselves in any and all aspects of life. Self-confidence is also, just as necessary for a person, who is now developed, to freely express themselves and to further create and share with the world.

As a master I feel my job is to help people feel confident in themselves, literally whatever/whoever they are right now. A confident person, is a person with potential. Plus, building others helps build yourself.

“Nothing in the world can stop a group of people with a shared focus who are positive and supportive!”


Master Luke Robinson


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