Do it or Die Trying. Master Luke Robinson

This blog is a bit about me. I guess it is in a way, some kind of diary.

It’s about a mentality that i have  – not that i want it (or don’t want it). I get really focussed on things that i want. I don’t know whether it’s a strength or a weakness to be honest, both.. neither… whatever, i’ve been like it since way before my memory stretches back to (to be honest i have a particularly lazy memory). I reckon somewhere along the way i made a trade off: my memory for an all encompassing ‘Do it or Die Trying’ mentality. Although i have no memory of that trade off (i guess in a way, not having a memory of it is evidence. right?).

It’s more of an infactuation than anything else -it’s not the typical ‘choose something that i really want, like a car or a tonne of money or abs or anything like that. I just, somehow, develop a serious craving for success or a lifestyle or to be bigger and better in some aspect of life. It is literally all encompassing – that cliche of waking up thinking about it, thinking about it all throughout the day and then going to sleep thinking about it.

Moving it on: I am a firm believer of saying aims, goals and ambitions out loud – instead of keeping quite about them, making them public:

I am going to the world with martial arts. Sharing real martial arts with the world (the mainstream, with normal people/non-martial artists). I don’t mean having an impact on the martial arts world, i mean martial arts having an impact on the regular world. I want to people to see martial arts as sexy, as a sign of afluence, as a means to better themselves, as the number one health benefit, as cool, as an asset, etc.

30 years ago people didn’t go out joggin unless they were a professional athlete, prior to that it was similar for lifting weights – now, everybody has included ‘fitness’ into their everyday lives. Time for martial arts to come through.

I am, have been, and will focus 100% of what i’ve have (100% of me, basically) on developing, creating, and sharing things. Fun things, educational things, lifestyle things, fashionable things, fitness and health things, books, television shows, clothes, etc. all from the perspective of a martial artist.

Being a martial artist (a real one) is fucking awesome – and that awesomeness is something that anyone, and everyone, can (and should) benefit from.

Im saying it here: I will do it or die trying!

And these words are actually genuine, not some bored repeated cliche – I actually will (and am) completely dedicated to it.So, yeah… I’m Master Luke Robinson and that’s where i’m at. Let’s take the world by storm with martial arts!

IMG_9153Master Luke


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