How Losers Win

Before i get going on this topic, please do share this (if you feel that way inclined) anywhere, and everywhere, you deem appropriate. I’m a firm believer in not being embarrassed to ask for a little help.

Winning and losing go together – in every competition (of any kind) there is a winner and a loser. To the winner: ‘well done’. To the loser: ‘bad luck’

Of course i disagree with this, as most people tend to after thinking on the subject for a minute. Being up there, in the ring (or on the track or where ever) is the victory – you win if you go for it, simple as that. And so, a new (quite popular phrase has taken off): ‘Win or Learn’.

“I don’t lose; i either win or learn!”

I like this sentiment more than i like the whole idea of someone who has given everything being considered a ‘loser’, but i still have qualms with it. How i see it is like this:

If you lose, then you learn. This has to be true, there is always much that can be learnt from a loss, but surely if you do learn from the ‘loss’ then you have won – you’ve won everything that you learned. So… the loser is a winner… so there is no loser?..

I also have as much of an issue with the other side of that quote: win or learn:

If it is win ‘or’ learn, then that makes it implicit for the winner not to learn. In my humble¬† opinion (possibly not as humble as it should be), a winner should learn just as much from any competition/endevour as a loser – if they don’t learn then they haven’t actually won; no development and no growth.

I guess i am kind of playing on semantics and the quote ‘win or learn’ is just a way to put a positive spin on losing – which, im sure, helps people continue.

But i think all who compete with the intent of developing themselves are winners; anyone who is putting themselves out there, anyone who is being honest with themselves, anyone who is working towards something bigger than themselves is a winner.

It’s through this thought process that i can actually say, with 100%

“I won’t lose!”

Not because my skills will never be bettered (although, this is what i am constantly grinding towards being the case), but because i refuse to leave a situation without having learned everything that i can.

So whatever the endevour (i know mine i definitely bettering the world with martial arts; reaching the masses and everything that goes with that)- do it with 100%, be honest to yourself – and you’re winning.


*A little random story about me*

When i was about 15 and competing regularly (and i mean regularly – more than monthly), i came to this realisation -but without it being particularly well understood in my mind. I became furious with the whole idea of bronze, silver and gold – I became really upset and angry with the concept of ‘me vs you’, and the thought that somebody who has put everything on the line can be told “hard luck”. Maybe partially due to teenage, spot causing, hormones i grabbed a handful of the silverwear i had accumulated over sometime, took it downstairs and threw it all in the bin.

I always knew why i had done it, but i didn’t know why i had done it (i get that that last sentence makes no sense). Since, with hiensight and more experience, i have been able to understand it more and more – and this blog is the current best explanation i can produce of what drove my actions to date.

Thanks for reading; a like and a share would be much appreciated.img_7044elow is a self defence guide that i have put together – an excerpt from my book (which is currently in the publishing process): – for just pennies, learn how to defend against a spear.



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Master Luke Robinson


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