Re-engage With Thinking Big

It’s early in the morning and i’ve still got to have a shower and brush my teeth before i am in an acceptable condition to be out in public, but first; i am going to do some stretching, a bit of moving (kicking, punching, etc.), and then refocus on what it is that i want.

I think the last one is important (i think they are all important things, epsecially washing, and different things are important to different people – of course), every now and then just taking a tiny bit of time to think about what it is you’re planning on doing right now and comparing it to what you want in the future.

e.g. if you’re about to eat – just before you do, take a little time to think about how much you want the food you have infront of you and then think about what it is you want in the future.

If one comprimises the other, much like a huges fat dripping burger will compromise your future goal of becoming lean and athletic, then at least you be able to make the decision between the two. If you choose the ‘what i want right now‘ over the ‘what i want in the future‘ then that’s cool – at least you’ll be concious of why the future goal wasn’t met later down the line.img_7326

When focus on what i want for the future it all seems huge (producing best seller books, national tv shows, nation martial arts school, to pioneer martial arts, etc.),  but i do believe that working, bit-by-bit, towards that direction is the way forward. Refocussing my mind on what i want to achieve in the future before i get my day going really helps me to set my priorities.

What ever it is you want for the future – just keep it in mind and compare it to what you want right now. From there, it’s your choice.

My day is full of me giving up what ‘i want right now’ for ‘what i want in the future’.

master-luke-robinson-london-taekwondo-2If it is true that the universe gives back what your put into it – then i can’t wait for these next few years!

So let’s take this day by storm! I hope you get everything done and take another step towards what ever it is you want in the future.


I’m looking forward to today now!!




Master Luke Robinson

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