Do it Yourself – Take the World by Storm

* Before i get going my book is here: : *

I have spent the last months creating a self defence book. Spending long days (9am-9pm) of focussed, hard work just to get the images- skulking down the alleyways and back streets, searching to find the best and most realistic settings. Writing, re-writing – planning and re-planning the entire structure and feel of the book. Editing, ordering and arranging the pictures.

“Master Luke Robinson’s Self Defence Book”

All of this to display my 2 decades of martial arts experience in a colourful, easy-to-read, and fun way. Designed to reach out to the masses and engage people (who wouldn’t usualy know about martial arts) with simple, effective self defence moves. This book is nothing less than a complete labour of love. It was a huge journey, which is also documented in the book.

“This is my first big step towards taking martial arts to the public, bringing it into the mainstream, changing the steroetypical and cliched view of what it really is!”

A vibrant and light way to introduce people into the world of self defence. My main aim for this is to encourage people to practice the defences with their friends and families – for them to realise how much fun it is, to re-engage with their inner child; This book does this, children and adults alike!

“Everybody needs to feel confident in the most essential life skill; Self Defence.”

I got in contact with a tonne of publishing companies who all sent me in the direction of agents. The countless agents that i talked to suhhested that i go directly to publishers. An endless (and very small) cycle. This led me to my (apparently) only option – self publishing.

So i have: i’ve proof read, edited, prepared, formatted, uploaded and published it without an agent or a publisher doing the leg work for me – and a feel god damn accomplished!

“I love writing. I love connecting and sharing with people. I love the feeling of creating things. And i have a complete passion for martial arts and how they always positively affect people’s lives. This book ties everything i just mentioned into one project!”

I could write for years about the whole process and journey of creating this book (and maybe i will) but for now i just wanted to share this with anybody willing to read this.

A huge lesson i have learned from this, long and tiring, process is that things can be done by yourself – keep active and keep positive (always looking for the next positive step) and you’ll get it done!

Master Luke Robinson’s Self Defence Book is available here:

Any shares, likes and comments would be massively appreciated.

Thanks for reading. Let’s keep motivated and let’s keep creating and sharing!


Master Luke Robinson


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