Completely FREE giveaway -my Best Selling book.

As some readers may know i have recently managed to self publish my self defence book on amazon.

With no sponsorship, commisioning, production support, editors, publishers or promotional team!

img_5043This book has been put together through a huge labour of love and the final creation is awesome (i am so happy with it). It’s modern, bright, vibrant and fun as well as having some serious, straight-talking and down-to-earth (some parts are quite gritty) information. I wrote it to cover the essential life skill of self defence in a personable and friendly way – and i think it comes through (just my thoughts).

Anyway, here’s the good part!!

Within the first 24 hours it became a number 3 Best Seller on Amazon – completely surpassing anything i could have expectd. To thank everyone for the massive amount of positivity and support that i have been given over the course of this project i have made it completely free for anyone to get anywhere this weekend.

The link is here:

It has even been termed A MODERN ESSENTIAL.

I would love for you to get a copy and encourage your friends and family to get one too, and of course; leave a review (preferably about how astonishingly great the book is :p). I seriously just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported me (and a thank you in advance for everyone who will be giving their support)!

Let’s continue show the big publishers that it can be done without them!

Liking and sharing this post would really appreciated, to keep the momentum building up.

Below are a few of the more dynamic photos used in the book.


Master Luke Robinson


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