Shut Up & Get More.

As a person who loves to talk and write; someone who loves to study and utilise words, I have learned something that is (due to the nature of the statement) best left unexplained.

I have always believed (and still do believe) that using the exact right words at the exact right time to the exact right person can lead to anything being possible. History is full of all kinds of people being persuaded to do, say or give almost anything.

I have grown up to enjoy learning about language; history, grammar, writing, slang, persuasion, humour, acting, politics, semantics, translations, story telling, singing, poetry etc. and through this have learned the power of silence.

Silence is best

I have never come across anything covering this idea in any depth or in any convincing way.

In keeping with the concept itself; it can’t be written about. It can’t be talked, acted or sung about – as writing, acting, talking and singing are all ways of using noise. The spaces in the page are the silence, and so a book following this philosophy would be a particularly boring read.“Silence is important in martial arts too. Movement is noise, lack of movement is silence.”Silence implies; power, confidence, intellegence, calmness, interest, thoughtfulness, agreement, contentedness, etc.Silence allows you to; hear, learn, think, prepare, understand, press for more information, etc.The actual act of me writing this piece makes its sentiment somewhat (actually completely) hypocrytical – i’ve made a load of noise about how silence is the best way. So, in order to try to stay in line with what i am saying; I’ll leave a summary of my point below and end it there:

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