Too Much Fun to Stop

There does seem to be a typical way of doing things (things basically meaning ‘life’). This way always includes a start and a finish (of course it does, now that i’ve read back through that sentence it seems so normal…)

Education: start at around the age of 4 and finish at 18. Work: start at around 18 years old and finish at like 60 something. Hobbies: start whenever and stop sometime after.

I have thought about it and i don’t think i can just stop like that. That’s not to say that i think stopping is bad – i thinkĀ  when you stop something it leads to new opportunities, new things to do, to try, and to learn. And, of course, if you aren’t enjoying something; stopping it is a good thing.

Maybe it is a sign that i do what i love doing, maybe it is a sign that i don’t like change, or maybe it is a fact that just stands alone, no reasons needed. (I’m sure it’s because i am loving my life.)

“Things are too much fun to just stop”img_7187

Whatever the reason, i can’t percieve a time where i am not teaching, training, travelling, writing, designing, creating, learning, filming, buying, selling, working, or taking on something new.

Getting involved (properly stuck in) with something that takes your fancy, with no expectations or obligations, really makes life exciting and fulfilling. master-luke-robinson-and-toby-13It’s something that i would recommend (if i thought my opinions and recommendadtions needed to be broadcast, which i really don’t – i say while broadcasting my opinions and recommendations) – pick something that you think is pretty cool, and get going at it. Don’t expect to be amazing at it, don’t expect money from it, don’t do it because you think you should, don’t do it to impress people; just quietly fill some of your time everyday giving it a go. (I, obviously, recommend martial arts!)

So here’s to the future… and the present… and the past! (And alternate realities and dimensions where there is no time…)

So, i’ll keep looking at: what i can get done, the different paths to take, how i can change, and all the new fantastic opportunities. (I hope to see you all there!)

That being said; keep an eye out for a few of my new projects that are about to blow up this Autumn! I am excited about these ones!


Master Luke Robinson

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