Simple Self Defence – Elbow

When i teach self defence i try to keep it as simple and as applicable as possible. I will often start by just teaching one move that can be used effectively to give somebody an advantage in a dangerous situation.

This defence is an interception; it uses one arm to block an attack and the other arm to simultaneously to attack to the face with an elbow.

Elbows are great (if you are using them, rather than having them used on you) – they hit hard and can deal a tonne of damage! You do need to be in at a close range to use them and that is why they are used as an interception in this defence.

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Master Luke Robindon


Do it Yourself – Take the World by Storm

* Before i get going my book is here: : *

I have spent the last months creating a self defence book. Spending long days (9am-9pm) of focussed, hard work just to get the images- skulking down the alleyways and back streets, searching to find the best and most realistic settings. Writing, re-writing – planning and re-planning the entire structure and feel of the book. Editing, ordering and arranging the pictures.

“Master Luke Robinson’s Self Defence Book”

All of this to display my 2 decades of martial arts experience in a colourful, easy-to-read, and fun way. Designed to reach out to the masses and engage people (who wouldn’t usualy know about martial arts) with simple, effective self defence moves. This book is nothing less than a complete labour of love. It was a huge journey, which is also documented in the book.

“This is my first big step towards taking martial arts to the public, bringing it into the mainstream, changing the steroetypical and cliched view of what it really is!”

A vibrant and light way to introduce people into the world of self defence. My main aim for this is to encourage people to practice the defences with their friends and families – for them to realise how much fun it is, to re-engage with their inner child; This book does this, children and adults alike!

“Everybody needs to feel confident in the most essential life skill; Self Defence.”

I got in contact with a tonne of publishing companies who all sent me in the direction of agents. The countless agents that i talked to suhhested that i go directly to publishers. An endless (and very small) cycle. This led me to my (apparently) only option – self publishing.

So i have: i’ve proof read, edited, prepared, formatted, uploaded and published it without an agent or a publisher doing the leg work for me – and a feel god damn accomplished!

“I love writing. I love connecting and sharing with people. I love the feeling of creating things. And i have a complete passion for martial arts and how they always positively affect people’s lives. This book ties everything i just mentioned into one project!”

I could write for years about the whole process and journey of creating this book (and maybe i will) but for now i just wanted to share this with anybody willing to read this.

A huge lesson i have learned from this, long and tiring, process is that things can be done by yourself – keep active and keep positive (always looking for the next positive step) and you’ll get it done!

Master Luke Robinson’s Self Defence Book is available here:

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Master Luke Robinson

Fighting: The Streets V.S. The Ring

* My brand new self defence book: *

With martial arts increasingly including a competitive sports side; competitions are getting bigger, television coverage is becoming more frequent and some are even being included in the olympic games.

I personally think that this is a great thing, it is engaging more and more people with martial arts that they would otherwise not even have heard of. I think of the sport side of a martial art as a ‘shop window’ for the ‘shop’ that is martial arts. I hope that makes sense.

People see two people fighting each other in a a dynamic, fierce and unusual way; this grabs their attention, they walk into the metaphorical shop (they join a local martial arts school) and they then become exposed to the, much broader and deeper, world of that martial art.

That being said, it is becoming more and more common for people to only focus their time and energy on the sport side of a martial art which i, again, think is great but; this leads to people becoming sportsmen and women as opposed to martial artists – the difference (from what i have seen) is subtle if you are looking in from the outside, but there is definitely a difference. Somebody who has focussed only on the sport side of a martial art will inevitably become good at their sport, which often leads to them believing that they are good at ‘fighting in general’.

Of course there are huge differences between being a good ‘sport fighter’ and being an adaptable, resourceful and successful ‘all-round fighter’ fighting is based on point scoring, there is a ring in sport fighting, it is one vs one in sport fighting, etc. – I’m not going to get into the differences because i’m sure you undesrstand and have your own opinions.

I think every master/coach/teacher of a martial art should expose any student, whether sportsperson or not, to the wider spectrum of what martial arts are (and we all know they cover about as wide a spectrum as and discipline there is). The traditions and history of a martial art, the discipline and respect, the formal training, and (what i think to be most imidiately necessary) real fighting/self defence.

I have actually seen, on numerous occasions, people who has excelled at their own rule-bound sport fighting become big headed, arrogant and deluded which, of course, led to them getting into a fight and getting smashed up. This is always a harsh way to learn, but learn nonetheless, that sport fighting is real fighting.

I think for the sake of a students wellfare they should be taught real self defence and encouraged to follow that path, because when the time comes and they need to fight their way out of a dangerous situation they won’t be able, as well as thinking they can – this is such a dangerous situation to be in.

If a student gets into this situation then it is (let me add it is no less their own fault) a result of their training, or lack of, and this boils down to their master/coach – it seems too many coaches are setting their students/athletes up to end up in very dangerous, even life threatening, situations.


“All martial artists should be taught self defence primarily. It is a life skill and a huge tool for personal development. Sports are awesome but they won’t save your life like self defence can.”

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Master Luke Robinson

Re-engage With Thinking Big

It’s early in the morning and i’ve still got to have a shower and brush my teeth before i am in an acceptable condition to be out in public, but first; i am going to do some stretching, a bit of moving (kicking, punching, etc.), and then refocus on what it is that i want.

I think the last one is important (i think they are all important things, epsecially washing, and different things are important to different people – of course), every now and then just taking a tiny bit of time to think about what it is you’re planning on doing right now and comparing it to what you want in the future.

e.g. if you’re about to eat – just before you do, take a little time to think about how much you want the food you have infront of you and then think about what it is you want in the future.

If one comprimises the other, much like a huges fat dripping burger will compromise your future goal of becoming lean and athletic, then at least you be able to make the decision between the two. If you choose the ‘what i want right now‘ over the ‘what i want in the future‘ then that’s cool – at least you’ll be concious of why the future goal wasn’t met later down the line.img_7326

When focus on what i want for the future it all seems huge (producing best seller books, national tv shows, nation martial arts school, to pioneer martial arts, etc.),  but i do believe that working, bit-by-bit, towards that direction is the way forward. Refocussing my mind on what i want to achieve in the future before i get my day going really helps me to set my priorities.

What ever it is you want for the future – just keep it in mind and compare it to what you want right now. From there, it’s your choice.

My day is full of me giving up what ‘i want right now’ for ‘what i want in the future’.

master-luke-robinson-london-taekwondo-2If it is true that the universe gives back what your put into it – then i can’t wait for these next few years!

So let’s take this day by storm! I hope you get everything done and take another step towards what ever it is you want in the future.


I’m looking forward to today now!!




Master Luke Robinson

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Praise Yourself

Something, i have come to realise, that is a very useful tool when it comes to getting better at martial arts (or anything for that matter) is the ability to praise yourself.

People who are actively looking for things that they can do, things that thye have improved, and things that they are going to improve almost always shoot forwards in terms of their progress.master luke robinson flying side kick

Be aware that i am not talking about the whole ‘fake it till you make it’ saying. I don’t think much of that – because of what it is usually interpreted as. Faking it only leads to somebody not doing the years of hard work that is needed to get to where they are pretending they already are.

I think it is a matter of ‘you get what you are seeking’. Not what you want, not what your aims are, not even what you put effort into.

It’s the little day-to-day things that you are seeking (nothing big), if you are always seeking the positives in the small situations you’ll find them – they add up, of course, and become the big things that most people aim for.

It is always important to focus on positivity and to stay away from negativity – so much so that even talking about how you stay away from negativity is just a distraction from what will actually help you get to where you want to be. I almost didn’t want to write this paragraph because it discusses negativity and draws people’s attention to it but… i have written it – Fuck negativity.

But, like i said – it’s a bit more than just positivity. It’s the seek of it; trying things to see what you can do and how you can improve, learning, watching and being creative.

With a progressive and positive attitude you’ll soar – and, no matter who they are or what they do, with this approach you’ll help the people around you progress too (although it is common for them not to notice or appreciate it) – but that’s all good because you won’t notice because all you’re attention is focussed on finding the next bit of positivity!

So praise yourself, for everything – and tell people about the things you do well. Be like a child, in that respect. It is often hard for people to tell others about how well they do things – but it is a really good thing to do.img_7167

Like me with my taekwondo, and my ability to teach it, i am very good at them both. Like the drive and passion i have for taekwondo, martial arts and fitness – i use this passion to connect with and befriend people. Like the infinite determination i have to reach out to people using martial arts and my ability to tuck my chin in, clench my teeth, and just keep going through anything!

Tell someone, or some public forum what you do well – little bits of positivity!


This is something i have picked up along my time training and striving for greatness – it may well be different for others.

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Master Luke Robinson

Spinning Round House – Simple How To

This is a video tutorial that gives a simple, step-by-step guide to using a spinning round house kick (aka. reverse turning kick or tornado kick).

Broken down into a few simple movements, this video makes it actually easy to get the overall movement – all that is needed from there is to build up your confidence and speed.

This kick can be super powerful and is an extremely good move to have within your arsenal, whatever martial art or fighting style you use. It’ll lead to many knockouts i’m sure.

Have a watch of the video, give the kick a go, and let me know how it went/any problems you have with it. It’s a really fun kick to practice!

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How Losers Win

Before i get going on this topic, please do share this (if you feel that way inclined) anywhere, and everywhere, you deem appropriate. I’m a firm believer in not being embarrassed to ask for a little help.

Winning and losing go together – in every competition (of any kind) there is a winner and a loser. To the winner: ‘well done’. To the loser: ‘bad luck’

Of course i disagree with this, as most people tend to after thinking on the subject for a minute. Being up there, in the ring (or on the track or where ever) is the victory – you win if you go for it, simple as that. And so, a new (quite popular phrase has taken off): ‘Win or Learn’.

“I don’t lose; i either win or learn!”

I like this sentiment more than i like the whole idea of someone who has given everything being considered a ‘loser’, but i still have qualms with it. How i see it is like this:

If you lose, then you learn. This has to be true, there is always much that can be learnt from a loss, but surely if you do learn from the ‘loss’ then you have won – you’ve won everything that you learned. So… the loser is a winner… so there is no loser?..

I also have as much of an issue with the other side of that quote: win or learn:

If it is win ‘or’ learn, then that makes it implicit for the winner not to learn. In my humble¬† opinion (possibly not as humble as it should be), a winner should learn just as much from any competition/endevour as a loser – if they don’t learn then they haven’t actually won; no development and no growth.

I guess i am kind of playing on semantics and the quote ‘win or learn’ is just a way to put a positive spin on losing – which, im sure, helps people continue.

But i think all who compete with the intent of developing themselves are winners; anyone who is putting themselves out there, anyone who is being honest with themselves, anyone who is working towards something bigger than themselves is a winner.

It’s through this thought process that i can actually say, with 100%

“I won’t lose!”

Not because my skills will never be bettered (although, this is what i am constantly grinding towards being the case), but because i refuse to leave a situation without having learned everything that i can.

So whatever the endevour (i know mine i definitely bettering the world with martial arts; reaching the masses and everything that goes with that)- do it with 100%, be honest to yourself – and you’re winning.


*A little random story about me*

When i was about 15 and competing regularly (and i mean regularly – more than monthly), i came to this realisation -but without it being particularly well understood in my mind. I became furious with the whole idea of bronze, silver and gold – I became really upset and angry with the concept of ‘me vs you’, and the thought that somebody who has put everything on the line can be told “hard luck”. Maybe partially due to teenage, spot causing, hormones i grabbed a handful of the silverwear i had accumulated over sometime, took it downstairs and threw it all in the bin.

I always knew why i had done it, but i didn’t know why i had done it (i get that that last sentence makes no sense). Since, with hiensight and more experience, i have been able to understand it more and more – and this blog is the current best explanation i can produce of what drove my actions to date.

Thanks for reading; a like and a share would be much appreciated.img_7044elow is a self defence guide that i have put together – an excerpt from my book (which is currently in the publishing process): – for just pennies, learn how to defend against a spear.



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